Top 3 Reasons to Buy Magnetic Sculpture Balls for Your Kids

A Magnetic Sculpture integrates the science of magnetics into a fun and creative toy. The magnetic base transforms the non-magnetic metal pieces into a sculpture of moldable magnets. The most popular pieces are metallic balls of different shapes. Your kid can either create different shapes with them, stack the balls on top of the base or can simply fiddle around with them.

We have listed below the top 3 reasons to buy Magnetic Sculpture Balls for your kids.

1. Magnetic Sculptures Help Enhance Intelligence and Creativity

Just like when your kid plays around with Legos, the magnetic sculpture balls allow your kid to create endless sculptures. Without you having to bear the pain of stepping on a Lego lying around. Different shape and complexity of each sculpture will allow your kid to think outside the box and push their creative abilities. This activity will also teach your kid patience and different ways to assemble one thing to achieve a different outcome every time. They can even play among their siblings or friends to see who manages to create the most complex structure. Magnetic Sculptures also tend to improve motor abilities and help improve focus. On top of it all, if your kids are into science, it will be a fun way for them to learn more about magnets and how they work.

2. Magnetic Sculptures are a Great Way to Relief Stress

The Magnetic Sculpture Balls are great for kids above the age of eight. Early teens and young adults are one of the most stressed generations now. Going through pressures of growing up and dealing with puberty and what not. Why not get your kids something that could provide them a relief from all that stress. Sometimes a small toy like Magnetic Sculpture Balls can do the job. They are great for stress relief and tend to keep one engaged. Unlike those fancy fidget spinners these days, Magnetic Sculpture actually make the user to think and engage. Your kids can play around and get a little creative with the Magnetic Sculpture balls if they are taking a break between study sessions or can carry it wherever they want because of its easy portability.

3. Magnetic Sculptures make a Great Gift

Magnetic Sculpture Balls make a great gift for your kid. Especially the themed ones. For example if your kid is a fan of astrology or sports, you can get them customized magnetic sculpture balls related to their interest. Like many kids like collecting action figures or fan merchandise, you can get them these themed magnetic sculpture balls that they would want to collect and create more and more complex structures with. Especially around Christmas when the whole family is around and your kids look for an engaging and fun activity. Gift your kids some magnetic sculpture balls and have them have a competition amongst each other to see who manages to create the most complex sculpture of them all or whose is the tallest.

So what are you waiting for? Get your kids Magnetic Sculpture Balls and see them fiddle around with them.

Where Can I Buy Newton’s Cradle in China?

If you want to buy quality Newton’s Cradle in China, then there are tons of options in the market. Just in case if you do not know about newton’s cradle, then we are here to help. Here is a little information about the cradle. Have a look:

What is Newton’s Cradle?

A Newton’s Cradle is an ornamental puzzle. It consists of a frame which has five metal balls. The balls are suspended in such a way that when one is moved, it sets all the other balls in motion. The device was invented by Simon Prebble in 1967 in the honor of Isaac Newton because it employs his law.

The device is used mostly in the classrooms to demonstrate as an example of conservation of momentum which diverts the attention of the students. It is an excellent way to make physics more interesting for them. Moreover, it is used as a decoration in offices, rooms, hotels etc., as a toy to amuse people sometimes or a pressure relief as well. It is also known as Executive Ball Clicker or Newton’s balls.

Where to Buy the Cradle From?

Now, that you know what a Newton’s Cradle is, you must be wondering where to buy this amazing thing from. There are many dealers out there in the market but most of them are not selling the right cradle. They sell the ones which are not made of the durable and quality material.

Furthermore, there are many online stores that are selling the cradle, but nothing is better than having a hands-on experience of the thing that you want to buy. So, whenever you go out there to buy a new cradle, make sure that your dealer is trustworthy, and you are getting the right cradle.

The Best Supplier

Are you wondering who is the best supplier of the Newton’s Cradle? We have an answer to that too.

We would recommend you to go and check out the Blue Shield Development Limited. It is a China-based company that makes, designs and Newton’s cradle. We have been in this business from last 10 years and are still going strong. We have a great reputation in the market as our products are manufactured using quality materials only. We have expanded our operations as we have started exporting products to different countries now.

Talking about the staff and equipment that we use. We have the most experienced people, the latest technology, and facilities that can make any hard job look easier. We are the leading company in the industry and we make sure that no one out there is disappointed because of our products.

There you go; now that you know where you can buy the best Newton’s Cradle. Make sure that you get in touch with us by checking out our website. We make pin art toy, magnet sculpture and other hot sale promotional gifts too. We have a wide range of decorations that you will definitely love at a very pocket-friendly price.

How Does Newton’s Cradle Work ?

You might have heard of it by the name of Newton’s Cradle, Executive Ball Clicker or Newton’s Balls. The chances are that you have seen it at someone’s office or in your classroom as you have no idea how the device works. The device consists of five metal balls which are positioned in a frame and they hardly touch each other. The balls are suspended from a frame by thin wires. Today we are going to tell you how the cradle actually works. Have a look below.

The Normal Working

If we look at the working of the Newton’s Cradle, it looks very simple. It starts when a ball on the one end of the cradle is pulled away from the other balls. After that, the ball is released, and it strikes the next ball in the cradle.

The great part about this device is that the balls in the middle remain totally motionless. The ball on the opposite end of the row goes into the air and then it swings back, and the chain continues, forming a loop. It can only be stopped if an external force act upon it.

But how does it cradle work? What is the nature of the working? There are some fundamentals of physics behind it. Let’s talk about it.

The Working Of The Cradle According To Physics

Basically, what a Newton’s Cradle tell you is the conservation of momentum. According to the principle, when two objects collide, the overall momentum of the object before the collision is as same as the total momentum of the object after the collision. In short, when the first balls strike the other ball, the ball stops.

However, the momentum is not lost, it is just transferred to the other ball, then the third one and then the fourth one until it reaches the very last ball. You see this conservation of momentum as the last ball swings in the air with almost the same momentum as the first ball.

So, when you lift up both balls on the end of the cradle and release them, the two balls on the opposite end will swing in response.

This continuous movement of balls also indicates the Newton’s Law of Energy. The law states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it just changes its forms. The last part of the law suites Newton’s law very well. It is because it converts the potential energy of one ball to kinetic energy which is transferred through the balls in the middle which in result in the upward swinging of the last ball on the other end.

So here! Now that you know how the Newton’s Cradle works you won’t have to think much whenever you look at it. If you want a desktop decoration for you then you must visit Blue Shield Development Limited. We make one of the best Newton’s Cradle since 2008. We have an excellent quality system and we also provide custom design and package.

Why Should You Buy Newton’s Cradle ?

Most of the people think that the Newton’s Cradle is just a piece of science and has no use in our social life. Well, it is absolutely wrong. There is more to it. It is useful in many ways and situations. Below are some of the reasons why you actually need a Newton’s Cradle. Check it out.

1. Source of entertainment

If you cannot go out and you want some entertainment right at your desk, then we have an answer for you. Go out and buy the Newton’s Cradle. The back and forth motion the cradle is a very relaxing experience that you will enjoy after having a stressful day. Plus, you will also learn about the conservation of momentum and conservation of energy.

2. A Perfect Gift For Anyone

The device which was made to demonstrate Newton’s Law of Conservation can also be a great gift to someone. Go out in the market and search for some custom-made Newton’s Cradle. The ones which are made up of materials like wood, plastic etc.  A perfect gift for your family members, friends, loved ones, children etc. The next time you want to gift something, try giving them this beautiful piece of science. It will be a sleek addition to any desk. It is the perfect gift for those who are desk-bounded office workers or students who spend their time on their desk more often.

3. It Can Be A Decoration Too

It can be a great and decent decoration as well. Buy it and just place it on the table of your office, desktop, show rack or any other place where it fits. This is a special tip for teachers who teach science, they can invest their money in a Cradle and can place it in their class desk. This will look great and your students will enjoy while studying science as well.

4. Stress Relief

Well, if you are an office man or a student and you are having a stressful day out there, we suggest you that must buy this Newton’s Cradle and place it right on your desk. This swinging toy with identical metal balls suspended from strings is also a desk partner. Consider turning off your computer and turn off the lights for five minutes and just hear the clinking sound. You will feel relaxed and you will practice breathing exercise.

5. Science In Action

With a Newton’s Cradle placed on your desk, science will be a part of your everyday life. It is perfect education gadget that will be loved by you and by those who will see it.

There you go! Now that you know that Newton’s Cradle is more than just science, make sure that you go out have buy one. It will be a great addition to your desk and a very decent gift for someone too. If you want to buy a custom-made brand new Newton’s Cradle, make sure that you check out Blue Shield Development Limited. We have been making these cradles from last 10 years.

How To Find The Best Pin Art Toy Manufacturer In China ?

Are you someone who is new to office toys? Are you the one who has no idea where to buy them from? Well, we are here to help you out. We will help you and tell you how to find the best manufacturers in China.


So, this is your home assignment because a lot depends on it. You have to look throughout the whole internet. Grab your laptop, tablet, mobile phone or whatever you use. Just open it up and start looking for the best manufacturers. Read reviews, blogs and check out the comparison reviews.

You may come across many online stores that are selling the pin art at a very minimal price. Make sure that you do not fall into the trap. They sell it at cheap prices and a few days later, you find out that you just wasted your money. It is because the quality of the product is not that good or it gets damaged as soon as you buy it. So, make sure to do a proper research, look out for all the specs that tell you if the pin art’s condition is good or not, then think about ordering it.

Wander Around

After doing a proper research on the web and getting your best manufacturer, get off that couch and start wandering. Don’t worry, it won’t be hard at all. In fact, you will love it. You have now done your homework. You will not suffer while looking for the best manufacturer. So get out, sit in the car and start looking for the factories that you have looked for on the web. You will have fun plus you will get a chance to roam around the cities of China. It is a beautiful country. Ask a friend of your to come along so that you can get a good company.

Make Sure That They Make Exports

Now, that you have found your manufacturer. Check their reputation in the market. Make sure that they make exports in the US or in the western countries. It is because the ones that make exports outside of China have a good reputation around the world. Plus, the manufacturers who export their products worldwide are the ones that are honest and loyal to their clients.

Blue Shield Development Limited

We would suggest you the Blue Shield Development Limited. We are a factory based in China. We have a wide range of office toys including pin art. We have a fantastic crew who are experts and highly-qualified. We have a great reputation in the industry as we make sure that our customer is satisfied with our product and services. We have worked hard that now we have started exporting our products worldwide. We have been working in the industry for last ten years and still counting. We make customized office toys and this is what makes us stand out from the rest of the industry. We have kept our prices very reasonable, so our customers don’t feel a burden on their pocket.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Magnetic Sculptures

Art in any form is intriguing and refreshing for the mind and soul. Whether it is a classic portrait by Pablo Picasso or a small decorative object perched on your desk. Now-a-days art and science hand in hand, bring out new and innovative ideas to make beautiful yet intelligent art pieces. They not only satisfy your aesthetic sense but also satiate your curiosity and the urge of the brain to explore something new. Magnetic sculptures can be referred to as the epitome of such artworks that culminate science and art in them.

Magnetic sculpture is a form of art in which you can indulge yourself creating your own masterpieces. It does not matter at what age you are; there is something for everyone to build from. Whether it is basic nut bolt set, a packet of magnetic balls or beautiful miniature figurines, you will find something to play and decorate with. Magnetic sculptures are not only beautiful to look at but they can be beneficial in different ways for you:

1. Beautiful Decorations

Magnetic sculptures are very pretty to look at. You can place them on your bed side table, on your work desk, on a dining or coffee table or any where you think it will look good. They can also be presented as gifts to your loved ones. They will simply love it.

2. Educational Purposes

Children are always intrigued by magnets and the way they push and pull each other. Magnetic sculptures can be used to make children new things about building, balancing different objects with each other, different types of metals. Playing with magnetic sculpture is a sure way to increase their intelligence quotient.

3. Helps the Thinking Process

Some people have the habit of fidgeting with things while thinking. Playing with magnetic sculptures helps them with their thought process and keeps them focused. So if you are thinking about a new project or planning a new strategy, rearranging the beautiful magnetic sculpture in a different way while absorbed in your thought process will not only help you focus but it will also make a new master piece to place on your work table.

4. De-stresses Your Mind

Magnetic sculptures can be a source of relaxation. They can reduce your anxiety when you are worried about something and trying to solve the problem. It helps in de-stressing your mind and helps in throwing out the negative thoughts and vibes out of your system, hence, making you more calm and focused towards problem solving.

5. Constructive Hobby

Constructive hobbies are the best way to pass your leisure time, like painting, gardening, doing yoga, reading books etc. It gives you a sense of accomplishment as by indulging in these kind of hobbies either let you learn new thing or gives you the satisfaction of doing things with your own hands. Making magnetic sculptures is a sure fine way of spending your time doing something artistic and innovative while relaxing your mind. It can be a bonus if you give your loved ones your creations which will make your gifts thoughtful and more intimate than the gifts bought from a store.

Magnetic sculptures are a sure way of finding your aesthetic and intelligent side. So try to make as many new sculptures as you like with the magnetic sculpture kits available in the market. You will find yourself thoroughly relaxed and artistic. For any further information feel free to contact us.

Magnetic Sculptures: a Fun Way to Pass Time

Magnets have always been a thing of intrigue for humans from the Stone Age up till now. It amazes the mind how a tiny metal attracts or repels another metal object. A magnet is a metal magnetized having its persistent magnetic field. The metals attracted to magnets are called ferromagnetic and include iron, nickel, cobalt etc. There are also temporary magnets, called electromagnets which can be made by passing an electric current through a coil of a metallic wire.

Scientists and artists have always been working on magnets to make the most benefits out of the properties of magnets. In this regard science and arts have come together to make a new product called as magnetic sculptures. They are beautiful and easy to make at the comfort of your own house. Either you are a kid or a grown up working in an office, magnetic sculptures will hold an interest for you at any age.

How Magnetic Sculptures Work

Magnetic sculptures are based on the properties of magnets. The magnetic sculptures are made of tiny metal objects of different shapes and sizes like spheres, squares or any geometrical or other shapes based in different artistic themes. They have a magnet at their base to keep them adhered to each other. Wherever the magnetic field starts to diminish another magnet is added to the sculpture. Instead of that a magnetic sculpture can be made solely of magnets. You just have to keep stacking one magnet on another to make the shape of the sculpture as you like.

These magnetic sculptures are available in kits. You can build a sculpture out of these kits. The best part is you can break them and rearrange them however and how many times you like as no two sculptures are alike. Apart from the kits, you can DIY your magnetic sculpture out of small magnets and nuts, bolts and metallic lids which are often put aside as spare parts seldom to be used. You can build your magnetic sculpture out of them, making a masterpiece while recycling your metallic junk.

Magnetic Sculptures Fun for All

Magnetic Sculptures are not only beautiful to look at but you can have fun making magnetic sculptures at any stage of your life. You can use it to improve your building and balancing skills as a child or you can reduce your stress while absorbing your mind in making a new piece of art. You can place them as a decoration piece in your house or work place. Or you can give the magnetic sculpture as a gift to your loved ones. Further magnetic sculptures can be given as toys for children. They will not only be a creative choice to play with but will also help enhance their intelligence. Hence, everyone from fidgety executives to inquisitive children will get a kick out of this amusing and intriguing set of magnets.

Word of Caution

Magnets are a choking hazard and you should never swallow them. Surgical removal might be needed otherwise they can cause damage inside your body. Special caution should be taken while playing with the kids and they should not be left playing alone without any supervision. Some nut and bolts can be heavy and cause injury if they fall on your toe. You should use a large table while using varied shapes of metals and magnets while making the magnetic sculpture.

Magnetic sculptures are a sure way of making your surroundings beautiful with a dash of intrigue. They will be a nice addition to your home and work place decoration and will make you relaxed and focused while building them. Hence they should be in your shopping list . In case for further information feel free to contact us.